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Lexmark c920 заправка инструкция

Open the turn guide and paper feed cover, and remove the duplex unit. Pull the guide rib A to the left. Go to step 3. Disconnect the connector, and remove the five screws and two snap bands from the face down guide assembly. Jobs on disk is used to delete buffered jobs that are on the hard disk. Be sure the high voltage unit is properly connected. Close the stapler door. Remove the stack area discharge brushes. Remove the four lower left panel screws, and remove the panel. Disconnect all cables from the rear of the electronic box, and remove the box. Replace the adjusting screws present on the upper portion of the missing side fence and fully screwed into the adjusting bracket? Transfer belt unit Be sure the transfer belt is clean and not damaged. Remove five black screws from the bottom and the four silver screws from the back side. Power supply 1 removal Unplug the power cord from the printer. The kit is composed of the following parts: 56P9683 Carrying roller 40X1... Remove the three screws, and disconnect the connector from the tractor drive motor assembly. The manufacturer is not responsible for safety in the event of use of unauthorized replacement parts. Disconnect the cable from the paper tray lift motor. Replace the size Go to step 4. Inverter paper exit roller removal Remove the front and rear external covers. Expansion feeder controller board removal Remove six screws from the expansion feeder rear cover. Align the thumbscrews on the guide rail with the holes in the guide rail plate. Go to step 3. Determine if the pins are above or below the holes in the finisher. Remove the registration roller bushing. Remove the brass screws E on the left side of the paper feed unit. Remove the four finisher control board mounting screws, and remove the board. Adjusting the wheels Adjust the wheels on the end of the finisher so the stand remains aligned when moved. Docking Plate Pins Remove and discard all shipping tape, packing material, and the metal shipping bracket.

Action Feed rollers Check for wear or damage to feed rollers and belts.

To restore default settings, use the key or to scroll to the base or network defaults and press the... Remove the yellow and black sub frame. Open the top unit, and remove the RIP cover, RIP board, RIP box, and electronic box. Are all connectors that the print unit photodeveloper Go to step 4. The Back, Menus, and Stop buttons are located to the left of the display, the navigation buttons are located below the display, and the numeric pad is located to the right of the display. Remove the paper feed unit from the machine. Close the front door. Due to the charge differences between the electrostatic image and the rest of the surface of the photodeveloper, toner will only cling to the electrostatic image created by the light from the LED printhead. Remove the two screws, and remove the cover. As the paper passes through the fuser, it pulls down the sensing lever and turns on the delivery sensor. Is error 982 displayed?

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